Fall 2010 No. 172

Publication Date: October 29, 2010

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Winner: Far Horizons Award for Poetry

  • Elizabeth Brewster, “Elegy for Winifred”
  • Lisa Richter, “Unauthorized Autobiography”
  • Ruth Roach Pierson, “Keep Away”
  • Brenda Schmidt, “Stroke”
  • Karen Enns, “After,” “In Memory”
  • Chris Banks, “Testament”
  • George Amabile, “August Peonies”
  • Steve Noyes, “Morbidity and Ornament,” “The Fire Sermon”
  • Timothy Liu, “ “Antithalamion”
  • Patricia Young, “Parasite Lover,” “Stunned,” “Heartsick”
  • Asa Boxer, “Friar Fabricius upon Amazon,” Friar Fabricius upon the Well of Youth,”“Friar Fabricius in the Land of Job,” “Friar Fabricius upon Jerusalem”
  • Caroline Clark, “Red Square,””Morandi’s Siesta,” “Italian Lessons”
  • Shane Book, "Santa Cruz"
  • Dede Crane, “The Fall of Langue d’Occ”
  • *Finalist in fiction at the 2011 Western Magazine Awards
  • Elisabeth Harvor, “You Must Never Go Down to the End of the Town”

Creative Non-Fiction
  • Aparna Sanyal, “Shadows on a Night Train”
  • *Finalist in the travel and leisure category at the 2011 Western Magazine Awards
  • Poetry
  • Maleea Acker, The Reflecting Pool (Toronto: Pedlar, 2009). Paperbound, 90 pp., $20. (Reviewed by Gillian Wigmore.)
  • Paul Vermeersch, The Reinvention of the Human Hand (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2010). Paperbound, 78 pp., $18.99. (Reviewed by Tanis MacDonald.)

  • Fiction           
  • Mark Sinnett, The Carnivore (Toronto: ECW, 2009). Hardbound, 288pp., $29.95 (Reviewed by Mark Dickinson.)
  • Alissa York, Fauna (Toronto: Random House, 2010). Hardbound  384 pp., $29.95. (Reviewed by Mike Matthews.)

  • Nonfiction
  • Ehor Boyanowsky, Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts: In the Wild with Ted Hughes (Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2009). Hardbound, 208 pp., $28.95. (Reviewed by Susan Olding.)
  • Jan Zwicky, Plato as Artist (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2009). Paperbound, 112 pp., $25.95. (Reviewed by Sue Sinclair.)
  • Unknown, Untitled, nd
    Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria

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