Cassidy Menard,
Fiction Board Intern

Cassidy MenardCassidy Menard is a fourth-year Writing student at the University of Victoria. This means Cassidy spends her time avoiding her required readings in favour of books about female friendships, Greek mythology, and whales. She specializes in Fiction, but she also has experience in Screenwriting and Journalism. Oh and she should probably finish up that English minor she left on the backburner for the last two years.

In her writing, Cassidy likes to play with non-linear structures and the tension between memory and reality. And cats. She doesn’t underestimate the value of a good cat. 

Born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Cassidy had never visited a White Spot until the age of twenty. In her spare time, she reads reviews of books she’ll get to read once she’s retired, listens to songs on repeat until she hates them, creates detail-specific blueprints for her short stories, makes oatmeal, and updates her Excel spreadsheet of all the films she’s seen.

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