2023 Open Season Awards Shorlists

We're pleased to announce the shortlists for our 2023 Open Season Awards!

The winner in each category will be announced on January 20.

In Poetry:

Evan J, " > Culture, history and sport > Canadian identity and society > Anthems and symbols of Canada > Anthems of Canada"
Mika Lafond, "specimen"
Khashayar Mohammadi, "In the Wake of a Revolution" and "Scheherezaade"
Caroline Harper New, "Interview with a Cervidologist"
Cindy Patrick, "Spare Children"
Jade Riordan, "Blueberries"
Purvi Shah, "The elders used to drink their own"
Cooper Skjeie, "(in)fluency" and "vision quest(ion)"

In Fiction:

Evan J, "Rot"
Lisa Alward, "Paper Trail"
Mitsuki Amano, "She Will Be Fine"
Kate Brooks, "Baby's Breath"
John Geddes, "Home Position"
Jill Macdonald, "Open Season"
Deepa Rajagopalan, "Cake"
Saanvi Sahoo, "Mother's Tongue"
Isa S. You, "A Thousand Little Explosions"

In Creative Nonfiction:

Adèle Barclay, "Cobra Blue Mustang Strat"
Lucy Black, "Watching the Swans"
Gloria Blizzard, "Passage"
Kimberly Fahner, "Before She Went Away"
Kevin Irie, "A Minority Survey Handbook"
Angélique Lalonde, "Nodes of Knowing and Not Knowing: A Meditation on an Unpublished Book"
Louie Leyson, "Glossary for an Aswang"
Visnja Milidragovic, "The First Sting"
Melanie Power, "Hydra"
Noa Raanan, "If You Choose to Immigrate"
Rebecca Watkins, "Gradual and All at Once"

Thank you to contest judges Ki'en Debicki (poetry), Ben Lof (fiction), and Bahar Orang (cnf). And a special thank you to all who entered the contest. Best of luck to those shortlisted!