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Listen to author interviews on special Malahat episodes of U in the Ring and Wild Orphans on CFUV, and MalaPods, podcasts featuring contributors to our issues, Friends of The Malahat, and more, produced by Stephanie Harrington.

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Chris Gudgeon

MalaPod Episode 8 September 2014: Issue #187 Contributor Chris Gudgeon

Malahat Issue #187, Summer 2014 contributor Chris Gudgeon reads from his fiction piece, "Still Life with Birds and Dust," and discusses the blur between reality and imagination.
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Sound credits: Uncle Woody Sullender (banjo used is Part 1 of the live recording).

Christine Walde

MalaPod Episode 7 June 2014: Issue #186 Contributor Christine Walde

Malahat Issue #186, Spring 2014 contributor Christine Walde discusses Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes' cross-Canadian camping trip in 1959. In this podcast, Walde reads her poetry, including "(Rock Lake, Canada)," inspired by Plath and Hughes' stay at Rock Lake Campground, Algonquin Park.
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Terence Young

MalaPod Episode 6 April 2014: Issue #186 Contributor Terence Young

Malahat Issue #186, Spring 2014 contributor Terence Young discusses his childhood home (the cover of 186), muses on how we remember our youth, and reads from "Home Again," his creative nonfiction piece.
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Nicholas Bradley

MalaPod Episode 5 January 2014: Issue #185 Contributor Nicholas Bradley

Malahat Issue #185, Winter 2013 contributor Nicholas Bradley talks about archived correspondence between the late poets Al Purdy and Earle Birney, a small sample of which appears in the issue. In this podcast, Bradley focuses on Purdy's poem, "Beat Joe McLeod."
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Matt Rader

MalaPod Episode 4 November 2013: Issue #184 Contributor Matt Rader

Malahat Issue #184, Fall 2013 contributor Matt Rader reads from his fiction piece, "All This Was a Long Time Ago," and discusses James Joyce, Raymond Carver, and a nighttime ride on a B.C. Ferry.
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Sound credits for this Podcast include: Librivox Recording (James Joyce, "The Dead"); SoundDogs for sound effects; October 31 by Myuu

Maleea Acker

MalaPod Episode 3 September 2013: VWF Panelist Maleea Acker

Meet a panelist at this year's Victoria Writers Festival. The panel "Root Memory" is being sponsored by The Malahat Review.
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Brent Schaus

MalaPod Episode 2 August 2013: Friend of The Malahat, Brent Schaus

Meet a member of the Friends of The Malahat (a group for local lovers of literature), Brent Schaus.
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Issue 183 Cover

MalaPod Episode 1 July 2013: Dorothy Field's "Food Bank"

Malahat Issue #183, Summer 2013 contributor Dorothy Field reads her poem, "Food Bank," and talks about her poetry at the Victoria food bank where she volunteers.
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Marita Dachsel, panelist for 'The Inner Life of our Words'

In this podcast, Marita Dachsel talks religion and spirituality, and reads from Glossolalia, her most recent book of poems. Marita participated in the panel The Inner Life of our Words: Writing and the Human Spirit alongside authors Tim Lilburn, Jane Munro, and Andrew Rippin for WordsThaw 2014.
Listen to the podcast on the WordsThaw website

Creative Commons sound credits:
James Kibbie: Bach Organ Works: Preludes and Fugues, BWV 532: Prelude and Fugue in D Major – 2. Fuga, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/#
Mormon Missionary Hymn – Vintage Recording, The LDSLife, http://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/creative-commons.html

WordsThaw 2014

WordsThaw 2014 Symposium on U in the Ring

In preparation for this year's second annual writing symposium, UVic CFUV radio speaks with Malahat editor John Barton, Words on Ice panelist Benjamin Willems, and Brief Encounters author Christine Walde. Live stream via SoundCloud

WordsThaw 2013

WordsThaw 2013 Symposium on U in the Ring

Colin Dower and Amy Reiswig speak with John Gould, Rhona McAdam, and Sarah Cassidy to preview the panel discussions at the 1st-annual WordsThaw symposium.
Download or play (mp3, 15.8 MB)

Special Events

Journey With No Maps

Sandra Djwa Interview

P. K. Page biographer Sandra Djwa is interviewed on CBC Radio's On the Island.
Listen to CBC podcast

Poet VS Poet

Spoken Word and Written Word Poetry Debate with The Malahat Review on U in the Ring

Featuring Kyeren Regehr, Iain Higgins, Jeremy Loveday, and Yvonne Blomer.
Download or play (mp3, 18.6 MB)

John Barton

John Barton on U in the Ring

Malahat editor John Barton speaks with U in the Ring about submitting to The Malahat and his November 23, 2011 workshop on submitting work for publication.
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Issue Launches

Issue 183

Malahat Summer Issue on Full Circle

CFUV's Full Circle brings you this look at our Summer 2013 Issue #183, featuring editor John Barton.
Download or play (mp3, 16.5 MB)


Issue 181

Malahat Review Winter 2012 Issue Launch and
Planet Earth Poetry on U in the Ring

Colin Dower and Yvonne Blomer interview Steve Noyes and Carla Funk.
Download or play (mp3, 20 MB)


Issue 180

Malahat Review Fall 2012 Issue Launch on U in the Ring

Featuring the Malahat's East Coast Issue launch, with Steve Noyes and John Threlfall.
Download or play (mp3, 16.3 MB)


Issue 179

Malahat Review Summer Issue Launch on U in the Ring

Featuring Dorothy Field, George Sipos, and Benjamin Willems.
Download or play (mp3, 17 MB)


Issue 178

This Side of West/Malahat Spring Launch on U in the Ring

Featuring Patrick Friesen, Amanda Merritt, Erin Frances Fisher, and Madeline Sonik.
Download or play (mp3, 18.3 MB)


Issue 177

Winter 2011 Issue on U in the Ring

Featuring Rhonda Ganz and John Barton in conversation with Yvonne Blomer and Colin Dower.
Download or play (mp3, 18.6 MB)


Issue 176

Fall 2011 Issue

Featuring Rhona McAdam and Tom Wayman
Download or play (mp3, 17.7 MB)



Issue 175

Summer 2011 Issue

Featuring Andrea Routley and Garth Martens
Download or play (mp3, 14.8 MB)



Issue 175Spring 2011 Issue

Featuring Cynthia Woodman Kerkham and Patrick Friesen
Download or play (mp3, 17.1 MB)



Issue 173

Winter 2010 Issue

Featuring Eve Joseph, Barbara Colebrook Peace, and Linda Rogers Download or play (mp3, 19.3 MB)



Issue 172Fall 2010 Issue

Featuring Lorna Crozier, Karen Enns, Melanie Siebert, and John Donlan Download or play (mp3, 17.6 MB)



Issue 170Spring 2010 Issue

Featuring Lorna Crozier, Patrick Lane, and John Barton
Download or play (mp3, 16.7 MB)



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