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Vol. 10, No.7, July 2013


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2013 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize

Deadline: August 1, 2013 (postmarked or emailed)
Prize: $1000 CAD
Entry fee: $35 CAD for Canadians
$40 USD for US residents
$45 USD for entries from elsehwere

Each additional entry costs $15 CAD regardless of location.

Enter a piece of creative nonfiction (literary journalism, memoir, personal essay, narrative nonfiction, social commentary, travel writing, historical accounts, biography, etc.) between 2000 and 3000 words in length.

Enter by email or regular mail.

Full guidelines on our website

Summer subscription offer: $15 1-year subscriptions until July 5th

Upcoming Malahat Contests

When the emotion burns off: PJ Grace in conversation with 2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize winner Carla Funk

Carla Funk

Malahat volunteer PJ Grace asked the last winner of our Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize, Carla Funk, a few questions about what winning the 2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize has done for her writing life.

PG: It’s been a year since you won The Malahat Review’s 2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize. Tell us what you’ve been up to as a writer and a professor. What’s changed? What do you hope to see change?

CF: I’d been poking around in creative nonfiction for a few months before I wrote “Returning,” and the whole time, I felt a bit like someone feeling for the light switch in a darkened room. I needed a break from poetry, and the Malahat contest gave me a deadline to write for. Since winning, I’ve definitely changed my writing focus. This summer, I’ve been writing CNF, with a little short fiction here and there. The longer form is a challenge for me, but I’m enjoying the process of applying poetry to prose. As for what I hope will change—well, I always ache for more imaginative space in which to write, but then, doesn’t every writer?

Read this interview in full on our website.

Full CNF contest guidelines here.

Read Carla Funk's 2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize-winning story, "Returning," here.

MalaPod: A Podcast with issue #183 contributor, Dorothy Field

"Food Bank"
by Dorothy Field
issue #183, Summer 2013

My regular Friday shift, 10:00 am the doors open:
a phalanx of men, mostly middle years, locomotive force
surging forward, faces ruddy, hair grizzled, a few dapper, most
in dirty winter coats, worn jackets, roaring down the steps Dorothy Field

Read "Food Bank" in full on our website.

MalaPod: Podcast with Dorothy Field

Malahat volunteer Stephanie Harrington met with Dorothy Field at the food bank one morning in June. Listen to Dorothy read her poem, "Food Bank," and talk about her poetry amid the sounds of a Victoria food bank on our podcast.

Listen to the podcast here.

Where to buy The Malahat: Mac's Fireweed in Whitehorse

Malahat fiction board intern Tyler Laing asked Natalie Sumner of Mac's Fireweed Books in Whitehorse, Yukon - proud carrier of The Malahat Review - a few questions about their bookstore.

Mac's Fireweed

TL: Online reviews rave about your store, and the Lonely Planet travel guide series reveals Mac’s Fireweed Books as one of the top to-dos in Whitehorse. Don’t be modest now, what makes your store such a desirable place to visit?

NS: Mac’s Fireweed is a desirable place to visit because it has something for everyone. We not only carry a large selection of books on the North or by Northern authors, we also have many other book categories, magazines, newspapers, topographic maps, souvenirs, CDs, tobacco, puzzles, games, crafts & painting sets, and much more. We also have a very friendly staff and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we do our best to special order it in for you. We’re located in the middle of Main Street in Whitehorse and are open 365 days a year.

Read this interview in full on our website.


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