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Zilla Jones

September 2021
Interviews with Open Season Awards contest judges Conor Kerr (poetry) and Zilla Jones (fiction; pictured). *Look for an interview with creative nonfiction judge Erin Soros in our October newsletter!*

Submit your poetry, short fiction, and/or creative nonfiction to our Open Season Awards by November 1, 2021 at 11:59pm PST for a chance to win one of three CAD $2,000 prizes and publication!

Plus, if you enter before September 30, you'll get an early bird discount—$15 off your initial entry fee!

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Sean Sam

August 2021 Interviews with summer issue #215 contributors Carlee Bouillon (fiction) and Sean Sam (creative nonfiction; pictured).

Conor Kerr

July 2021 Interviews with 2021 Long Poem Prize winners Conor Kerr (pictured) and Jennifer Still. Look for their winning poems in our upcoming summer issue #215.

Emily RiddleJune 2021 Interviews with Constance Rooke CNF Prize judge Emily Riddle (pictured) and spring issue #214 fiction contributor Andar Wärje.

Rhiannon Ng Cheng HinMay 2021 Interviews with spring issue #214 poetry contributors Leslie Joy Ahenda and Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin (pictured).

Zilla JonesApril 2021 Interviews with Open Season Awards winners Matthew Hollet (poetry), Zilla Jones (fiction; pictured), and Tanis MacDonald (cnf).

Tawahum BigeMarch 2021 Interviews with Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction contest judge Francine Cunningham and winter issue #213 poetry contributor Tawahum Bige (pictured).

Rachel LachmansinghFebruary 2021 Interviews with winter issue #213 contributors Megan Butcher (creative nonfiction) and Rachel Lachmansingh (fiction; pictured).

Christina BrobbyJanuary 2021 Interviews with Long Poem Prize judge Armand Garnet Ruffo and 2020's Constance Rooke CNF Prize winner Christina Brobby (pictured).


John Elizabeth StintziDecember 2020 Interviews with Long Poem Prize judges Meredith Quartermain and John Elizabeth Stintzi (pictured).

Francine CunninghamNovember 2020 Interviews with fall issue #212 contributors Francine Cunningham (fiction, pictured) and Shane Rhodes (poetry).

A.R. KungOctober 2020 Interviews with Open Season Awards poetry judge Rebecca Salazar, Far Horizons Award for Poetry 2020 winner A.R. Kung (pictured), and fall issue #212 creative nonfiction contributor Kathy Mak.
Lishai PeelSeptember 2020 Interviews with Open Season Awards judges Philip Huynh (fiction) and Lishai Peel (creative nonfiction, pictured).
Xaiver CampbellAugust 2020 Interviews with issue #211 contributors Xaiver Campbell (fiction, pictured) and Daniel Allen Cox (creative nonfiction).
Rebecca PapucaruJuly 2020 Interviews with issue #211 poetry contributor Daniel Sarah Karasik and 2020 Novella Prize winner Rebecca Păpucaru (pictured).
Manahil BandukwalaJune 2020 Interviews with Constance Rooke CNF Prize judge Rowan McCandless and issue #210 poetry contributor Manahil Bandukwala (pictured).
Emi KodamaMay 2020 Interviews with issue #210 contributors Stephanie Harrington (creative nonfiction) and Emi Kodama (fiction; pictured reading in the background).
Joshua WhiteheadApril 2020 Interviews with 2020 Open Season Award winners Joshua Whitehead (creative nonfiction; pictured), Patrick Grace (poetry), and Ajith Thangavelautham (fiction). Read their work in our upcoming issue #210.
Suphil Lee ParkMarch 2020 Interviews with issue #209 contributors Dawn Lo (creative nonfiction) and Julia Brush (poetry), as well as Far Horizons Award for Poetry judge Yusuf Saadi (upcoming debut poetry book pictured).
Kulbir SaranFebruary 2020 Interviews with issue #209 contributors Sehrish Ranjha (fiction) and Kulbir Saran (poetry; pictured).
Suphil Lee ParkJanuary 2020 Interviews with 2019 Constance Rooke CNF Prize winner Jeanette Lynes, as well as Issue #209 contributors Angélique Lalonde (creative nonfiction) and Suphil Lee Park (poetry; pictured).


Naben RuthnumDecember 2019 Interviews with Novella Prize judges Samantha Jade Macpherson and Naben Ruthnum (pictured).
Anuja VargheseNovember 2019 Interviews with fall issue #208 contributors Anuja Varghese (CNF; pictured), Jun-long Lee (poetry), and Yilin Wang (fiction).
Ashley HyndOctober 2019 Interviews with Far Horizons Award 2019 contest winner Jason Jobin, as well as fall issue #208 contributors D.A. Lockhart (CNF) and Ashley Hynd (poetry; pictured).
A. Light ZacharySeptember 2019 Interviews with Open Season Awards contest judges A. Light Zachary (poetry; pictured), Francesca Ekwuyasi (fiction), and Tess Liem (creative nonfiction).
Mandy Gutmann-GonzalezAugust 2019 Interviews with Issue #207 contributors Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez (poetry; pictured) and Liz Harmer (fiction).
Yasuko ThanhJuly 2019 Interviews with Constance Rooke CNF Prize judge Yasuko Thanh (pictured), as well as Issue #206 poetry contributor Armand Garnet Ruffo and Issue #207 collaborative fiction contributors Sasha Penn & Joanne Rixon.
Jane Akweley OdarteyJune 2019 Interviews with Issue #206 poetry contributors Alycia Pirmohamed, Conor Kerr, and Jane Akweley Odartey (pictured).
Erin SorosMay 2019 Interviews with 2019 Long Poem Prize winners John Elizabeth Stintzi and Erin Soros (pictured), as well as Issue #206 CNF contributor Nozomi Imanishi.
Neal DebreceniApril 2019 Interviews with 2019 Founders' Awards winners River Halen Guri, Neal Debreceni (pictured), and Samantha Macpherson.
Mehdi M. KashaniMarch 2019 Interviews with Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction judge Mehdi M. Kashani as well as Open Season Awards winners Rami Schandall (poetry), Janika Oza (fiction), and Lishai Peel(creative nonfiction).
John Elizabeth StintziFebruary 2019 Interviews with Queer Perspectives Issue #205 contributors Cooper Lee Bombardier (CNF) and John Elizabeth Stintzi (poetry; pictured), as well as Neil Smith (translator) and Simon Boulerice (original author).
Rowan McCandlessJanuary 2019 Interviews with Queer Perspectives Issue #205 contributors Francesca Eskwuyasi (fiction) and Billeh Nickerson (poetry), as well as Constance Rooke CNF Prize winner Rowan McCandless (pictured).


Sonnet L'AbbéDecember 2018 Interviews with Long Poem Prize contest judges Jordan Abel, Sonnet L'Abbé (pictured), and Gillian Sze.
David GerowNovember 2018 Interviews with Autumn Issue #204 contributors Kai Conradi (fiction), Kevin Irie (poetry), and David Gerow (fiction; pictured).
Kyo MaclearOctober 2018 Interviews with Open Season Awards creative nonfiction judge Kyo Maclear (pictured) and Autumn Issue creative nonfiction contributor Jenny Ferguson.
Carmelinda ScianSeptember 2018 Interviews with Open Season Awards fiction judge Carmelinda Scian (pictured) and Summer Issue poetry contributor Jade Riordan.
Emily OsborneAugust 2018 Interviews with Far Horizons Poetry Award winner Emily Osborne (pictured) and Summer Issue CNF contributor Carin Makuz. New Publishing Tip from Danielle Mitchell on seven ways to get paid for your writing.
Carolyn NakagawaJuly 2018 Interviews with CNF Prize judge Lynne Van Luven; Spring Issue contributors Carolyn Nakagawa (pictured) and S. C. Bayat; and Summer Issue contributor Gordon Lonethunder.
Ali BlytheJune 2018 Interviews with Queer Perspectives guest editors Ali Blythe (pictured), Trevor Corkum, and Betsy Warland. New Publishing Tip from Caroline Misner on accepting rejections.
Samantha MacphersonMay 2018 Interviews with Novella Prize winner Samantha Jade Macpherson (pictured), as well as Spring Issue contributor Jason Emde.
Jason JobinApril 2018 Interviews with Founders' Awards winners Jason Jobin (pictured), Gena Ellett, and Steve McOrmond. New Publishing Tip from Evelyn Deshane with five tips for getting into the Canadian speculative fiction scene.
Carolyn SmartMarch 2018 Interviews with Far Horizons Award for Poetry judge Carolyn Smart as well as Open Season Award winners Barbara Pelman (poetry), Jann Everard (fiction), and B. A. Markus (cnf). WordsThaw, our annual literary festival, returns March 16-18 in Victoria, B.C.

Morgan CharlesFebruary 2018 Interviews with Winter Issue contributors Morgan Charles (pictured) and Andy Patton. New Publishing Tip from Roy Miller on six essential elements for a successful proposal.
Jan ConnJanuary 2018 Interviews with Constance Rooke CNF Prize winner Nancy Holmes as well as Winter Issue contributors Jan Conn and Irena Karafilly.


Eliza RobertsonDecember 2017 Interviews with WordsThaw Prize judge Arleen Paré and Novella Prize judges Jacqueline Baker, Eliza Robertson (pictured), and Richard Van Camp. New Publishing Tip from Erika Dreifus on what to look for when subscribing to newsletters.
Issue #200 coverNovember 2017 Interviews with Autumn Issue contributors Shane Book and Arleen Paré in poetry, as well as Madeline Sonik in creative nonfiction. Also see our Issue #200 Launch Party page and Best of the Best Canadian Poetry page.
Brock ZawilaOctober 2017 Interviews with Autumn Issue contributors Brock Zawila (pictured) in fiction, and Kate Kennedy in poetry. New Publishing Tip from Robin Richardson on bio writing and editor correspondence.
Evelyn LauSeptember 2017 Interviews with Open Season Award Judges Evelyn Lau (pictured), Carleigh Baker, and Betsy Warland. Interviews also with Issue #199 contributor Robert Finley on his creative nonfiction, and this year's Far Horizons Award winner, Katherin Edwards.
J. Mark SmithAugust 2017 Interviews with Summer issue contributors J. Mark Smith (pictured) in poetry, and Shashi Bhat in fiction. New Publishing Tip from Alicia Elliott on how to build your own MFA.
Lenea Grace

July 2017 Interviews with Spring issue contributor Curtis LeBlanc and upcoming Summer issue contributor Lenea Grace (pictured). Special $15 subscription offer for one year. Call for submissions to our annual Creative Nonfiction Contest (deadline August 1), with extra prizes this year. Book reviews now up from the Summer issue.

Christine Lowther

June 2017 Interviews with Spring issue contributors Sina Queyras (poetry) and Christine Lowther (creative nonfiction; pictured). Publishing Tip from Vancouver-area writer, Doretta Lau, on ways to maximize your marketing efforts in publishing. Call for submissions to this year's Creative Nonfiction Contest. And a special announcement on Alicia Elliott's National Magazine Award Gold win in the Essays category.

Mehdi M. Kashani

May 2017 Interviews with Long Poem Prize winners John Wall Barger and Délani Valin sharing their secrets on writing the top poems in this year's contest. We're also featuring a special interview with Spring issue contributor Mehdi M. Kashani on his fiction piece, "Dayi." And don't forget about our call for submissions to the special Victoria Issue!

Steven Price

April 2017 Malahat publicity manager PJ Grace interviews Steven Price, judge for the Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction (open for submissions until May 1). The finalists for the Long Poem Prize, and winners of our annual Founders' Awards were announced. And we're featuring a new Publishing Tip from Cede Poetry founder, Tara Wohlberg.

Joshua Whitehead

March 2017 Interviews with Indigenous Perspectives Issue contributors, Joshua Whitehead (pictured) and Louise Bernice Halfe. Open Season Award winners Genevieve Lehr (poetry), Rebecca Morris (fiction), and Matthew Hollett (creative nonfiction) share their thoughts on winning this year's contest. Call for submissions for the Far Horizons Fiction Award (deadline May 1).

Issue #197 cover

February 2017 Interviews with Indigenous Perspectives Issue contributors, Siku Allooloo and Lisa Bird-Wilson. Registration now open for this year's WordsThaw Writers Festival, March 16 to 19 at the University of Victoria. Call for submissions to this year's Far Horizons Fiction Award, seeking the best short story by an emerging writer. Announcing the winners of the 2017 Open Season Contest. Book review of Jordan Abel's Injun, as featured in the Indigenous Perspectives Issue.

Jordan Abel

January 2017 Interviews with Indigenous Perspectives Issue contributor, Jordan Abel (pictured); WordsThaw Prize judge, Janet Rogers; and Creative Nonfiction Contest Winner for 2016, Lynn Easton. Calls for submissions to both the WordsThaw Prize (deadline January 22) and the Long Poem Prize (deadline February 1). Book review of Harold Johnson's Corvus, as featured in the Indigenous Perspectives Issue.


Patricia Young

December 2016 Interviews with Long Poem Prize judges: Louise Bernice Halfe, George Elliott Clarke, Patricia Young (pictured); and with Elizabeth Ross, CNF contributor to the Autumn 2016 issue. Oscar Martens' publishing tip on pros and cons of submitting manuscripts to publishing houses versus self publishing. Call for entries to our special WordsThaw Prize (Greater Victoria residents only).

196 cover

November 2016 Special P. K. Page celebratory reading event held at the University of Victoria on November 23. Interviews with Autumn issue contributors Weyman Chan (poetry) and Jacqueline Baker (fiction). Upcoming contests include our Long Poem Prize (deadline February 1), with a prize of $2000 between two winners. Subscription deals still on offer include $12 student subscription, and $20 digital subscription.

Book review cover

October 2016 Interview with Autumn Issue #196 poetry contributor Erin Kirsh. Publishing Tip from Phoebe Wang on pitching work to publishers. Spotlight book review of Richard Kelly Kemick's Caribou Run. Special digital edition of the Malahat now available as subscriptions, single issues, or print/digital bundle packages.

Issue 195 cover

September 2016 Interviews with Open Season Award judges Sina Queyras, Jaspreet Singh, and Molly Peacock, as well as Issue #195 poetry contributor Steve McOrmond and Far Horizons Poetry Contest winner Yusuf Saadi (pictured). Journey Prize nomination for J. R. McConvey's Malahat story, "Home Range." Student subscriptions for just $12.

Issue 195 cover

August 2016 Interviews with Summer Issue contributors Elyse Friedman (for fiction) and Kelly Bouchard (for creative nonfiction). Publishing Tip on working with editors from Tricia Dower. Upcoming deadline for the Indigenous Perspectives Issue (August 15), and Open Season Contest call for submissions ($4500 in prize money). And last but not least, summer subscription sale just $15 for one year's worth of Malahat pages!

Leanne Simpson

July 2016 Interviews with Lee Maracle, 2016 Creative Nonfiction Contest judge; Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, CNF Editor for the Indigenous Perspectives Issue; George Elliott Clarke, whose long poem "Othello..." will appear in the Malahat's Summer 2016 issue; and Lara Martina, artist and illustrator of Clarke's poetry. Far Horizons Poetry Contest shortlist announced. And a special summer subscription deal now available ($15 for one year's worth of Malahat).

Sylvia Legris

June 2016 Interviews with Sylvia Legris, poetry contributor to the Spring issue, and with Richard Van Camp, fiction guest editor for the Indigenous Perspectives issue. Victoria writer Julie Paul shares her Publishing Tip on finding the perfect writing retreat (and how to get the most out of it). And calls for submissions to the Indigenous Perspectives issue (deadline August 15) and the CNF Contest (deadline August 1).

Issue 194 cover

May 2016 Interviews with J. R. McConvey, winner of the 2016 Jack Hodgins Founders' Award for Fiction, Anne Marie Todkill, winner of the 2016 Novella Prize, and Kate Cayley, fiction contributor to the Spring Issue (#194); National Magazine Award Nomination for Susan Olding's "White Matter," as originally published in Issue #193, Winter 2015; call for submissions to the Indigenous Perspectives and Victoria Past / Present / Future theme issues.

Steven Heighton

April 2016 Interviews with Steven Heighton, judge for this year's Far Horizons Poetry Award; Martin James Ainsley, poetry contributor to upcoming Spring Issue #194; and Danny Jacobs, P. K. Page Founders' Award winner for 2016. Contest news: Novella Prize shortlist announced, and Founders' Award winners revealed.

John Pass

March 2016 Interviews with WordsThaw panelists Kim Trainor, Frances Backhouse, and Lisa Goddard about this year's literary festival and their respective panel topics. Interviews with Open Season Award winners John Pass (poetry), Katherine Magyarody (fiction), and Jennifer Williamson (creative nonfiction; pictured) about their winning pieces. Publishing Tip by Kateri Lanthier on teaching creative writing.

Issue 193

February 2016 Interviews with Anita Lahey and Heather Dean about their role as moderators for the WordsThaw panels The Investigative Poet and Literary Afterlives. CNF Issue contributor Jesse Rae Archibald-Barber on his piece, "The Bowl Game." Dale Lee Kwong on her piece, "Oh, Canada." Announcing our WordsThaw 2016 line-up. Call for entries to our Twitter Sonnet Contest and the Far Horizons Award for Poetry.

Josh Zapf

January 2016 Interview with CNF Issue contributor J.D. Zapf on his piece, "Median Love." Publishing Tip from Canadian writer / blogger rob mclennan on creating a writing regime and sticking to it. Novella Prize deadline fast approaching (February 1), cash prize $1500. Our Back Pages throwback issue #70 tribute to John Metcalf.


Stephen Marche

December 2015 Interviews with Novella 2016 Contest judges Mark Anthony Jarman, Stephen Marche, Joan Thomas. Content interviews with Issue #193 contributor Alicia Elliott, and CNF 2015 Contest winner Maria Tessa Liem. Call for contest entries to the 2016 Novella Prize (deadline February 1), $1500 prize money to be won. Holiday subscription offer, just $15 for a full year of Malahat issues. Our Back Pages #69 from 1984 featuring early work by Roo Borson, Douglas Barbara, bpNichol.

Issue 192

November 2015 Interviews with Autumn Issue 192 contributors Dan Siney on his cover art work, and Joshua James Edgar on his short fiction piece, "Jane Doe." Publishing Tip from local Victoria writer Kari Jones on how to find the right publisher for you. And entries are now being accepted for the biennial Novella Prize! Send a big story (10,000 - 20,000 words) for a chance at big money ($1500).

Joe Rosenblatt

October 2015 Interviews with Autumn Issue 192 contributors Joe Rosenblatt (pictured) and Alex Leslie; Open Season Contest deadline reminder (November 1) and $4,500 cash incentive; featured Fiction Book Review from Brenda Hasiuk; special student subscription offer of $11.95 for a full year; Our Back Pages from 1982, and more.

Fiona Lam

September 2015 Interviews with Open Season Award judges Russell Thornton (poetry), Kathy Page (fiction), and Fiona Tinwei Lam (creative nonfiction, pictured); and with Mark Rogers, this year's Far Horizons contest winner for Fiction. Shout out to K'ari Fisher on being nominated for a Journey Prize with her story, "Mercy Beatrice Wrestles the Noose." Publishing tip from Shane Neilson, Our Back Pages from 1981, and more.

191 cover

August 2015 Interviews with John Goldbach and Sarah de Leeuw, contributors to Issue 191, the summer issue; Long Poem Symposium papers from The League of Canadian Poets' annual conference, with presentations by Kate Braid, Cornelia Hoogland, and Sharon Thesen; call for entries to this year's Open Season Awards; Our Back Pages archive issue from 1891, and more.

Jane Silcott

July 2015 Interviews with Jane Silcott, 2015 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize judge, and Andrew Wachtel, translator of Issue 191 contributor Anzhelina Polonskaya's "Greenland"; Publishing Tip from Jessica Michalofsky on the benefits of writing book reviews; Summer Subscription deal (just $15 for one year); Our Back Pages archive issue feature from July 1980.

Colin Snowsell

June 2015 Interviews with Colin Snowsell and Christine Wiesenthal, both contributors to the Spring issue (#190); job opportunity at the Malahat to work as our Social Media, Marketing & Circulation Manager; call for contest submissions to the annual Constance Rooke CNF Prize; last call for CNF submissions for the Winter issue; 3rd Great BC Novel Contest call for entries.

Issue 190

May 2015 Interviews with Long Poem Prize winners Gary Geddes and Genevieve Lehr on poetics and structure of the long form; interview with Issue 190 poetry contributor Danny Jacobs. Awards: 2 National Magazine Award nominations, and call for entries to our annual Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Contest. New to the site is Publishing Tips, a space for writers to read (and submit) helpful hints on the literary world.

John Reibetanz

April 2015 Interviews with the Founders' Award winners: John Reibetanz and Jan Zwicky (for Poetry), and K'ari Fisher (for fiction). Elyse Friedman, Far Horizons Fiction Contest judge, is also interviewed. Contest reminder for Far Horizons (May 1 deadline) and the six finalists for the 2015 Long Poem Prize are announced. And finally, take our survey on submission fees to Canadian journals - would you pay to submit?

Wanda Hurren

March 2015 Interviews with the 2015 Open Season Award winners Rebecca Salazar (poetry), Wanda Hurren (fiction; pictured), and Mike Carson (nonfiction). WordsThaw, our annual literary festival, gets lots of media promotion, and Lynne Van Luven speaks about her role as moderator for the creative nonfiction panel. The 2015 Founders' Awards winners are announced: K'ari Fisher, John Reibetanz, and Jan Zwicky.

Issue 189

February 2015 Interviews with Issue 189 contributor Patrick Warner on his poetry, and with WordsThaw symposium participants David Leach and Christine Walde, who will be moderating panel discussions on self-publishing and young adult literature, respectively. Open Season 2015 contest winners announced. Upcoming contest reminders for the Far Horizons Fiction Award and the ongoing Twitter Memoir Contest.

Thoraya El-Rayyes

January 2015 Interviews with Issue 188 contributor Thoraya El-Rayyes on her translation of Hisham Bustani's flash fiction, and with Jason Markowsky on his fiction piece in upcoming Winter Issue 189. Contest reminders and updates on the Long Poem Prize and Twitter Memoir Contest. Special features: WordsThaw 2015 site launch; holiday subscription offer until January 31; Our Back Pages from July 1976, and more.


Rebecca Foust

December 2014 Interviews with Long Poem Prize judges Anita Lahey, Evan Jones, Alice Major; Issue 188 contributor Erín Moure on translation; Rebecca Foust on her recent CNF Contest win. Special features: holiday subscription ($15 for one year!); call for CNF issue entries; translation flash fiction by Hisham Bustani (translated from the Arabic by Thoraya El-Rayyes); Our Back Pages way-back issue write-up from 1976.

Issue 188

November 2014 Interviews with Translation Issue contributors Patrick Friesen on Danish poetry, Joyce Zhang on creative nonfiction and Alice Munro in China, and Neil Smith on Québécois fiction. Special announcement for Rebecca Foust, winner of the Malahat's 2014 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize; write-up of Our Back Pages from October 1975; call for submissions of poetry/CNF.

Back Issue Cover

October 2014 Interviews with last year's Open Season Award winners Joelle Barron, Tajja Isen; Translation Contest winner Donald McGrath is interviewed on his successful poetry translation; Matt Rader, 2014 Founders' Award Winner for Fiction, discusses his debut short story collection. Features: mailed-in poetry/CNF submissions being phased out, and a Western Magazine Award win for Fiction!

Cynthia Flood

September 2014 Interviews with Open Season Award judges Jan Conn, Cynthia Flood, David Carpenter; interview with Far Horizons Poetry Award winner Laura Ritland; MalaPod podcast with Issue 187 fiction contributor Chris Gudgeon; congratulations notice for Donald McGrath, Translation Contest winner. Contest call for submissions, and Submittable poetry submissions!

Issue 187

August 2014 Interview with Issue 187, Summer 2014 poetry contributor Jan Zwicky. Congratulations notice for Laura Ritland, Far Horizons Poetry Award Winner for 2014. Our Back Pages preview, summer subscription offer (just $15 until September!), and more!

Back Issue Cover

July 2014 Interviews with Issue 187, Summer 2014 poetry contributor Anne Compton and 2013 Creative Nonfiction Contest winner Liz Windhorst Harmer. Call for entries to this year's Creative Nonfiction Contest (deadline August 1). Discounted summer subscription offer, a preview of the summer issue (with great book reviews), and more!

A. F. Moritz

June 2014 Interviews with Issue 186 poetry contributor A. F. Moritz, 2014 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize judge Priscila Uppal, and 2014 Novella Prize winner Dora Dueck. Podcast with Christine Walde on her poems in Issue 186, and influences by Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. Upcoming contest deadlines, Our Back Pages featured issue, and more.

Issue 186

May 2014 Interviews with Issue 186 contributor Amy Jones, longtime Malahat 'Friend' Tricia Dower, and 2014 Jack Hodgins Founders' Award winner Matt Rader. A congratulations to Dora Dueck, winner of the 2014 Novella Prize contest with her story "Mask." Upcoming contest deadlines, book reviews, Our Back Pages featured issue, and more.

Michael Prior

April 2014 Spring Issue 186 sneak peek edition. Interview with poetry contributor Michael Prior, and podcast with CNF contributor Terence Young. Interviews with Kayla Czaga, 2012 Far Horizons Poetry Award winner; Bruce Rice, 2014 P. K. Page Founders' Award Winner for Poetry; and Donald Winkler, judge of Les poésies francophones du Canada: A Translation Prize. Upcoming contest deadlines, book reviews, Our Back Pages featured issue, and more.

Back Issue Cover

March 2014 Interviews with Joelle Barron, Tajja Isen and Kelly Cooper, winners of the 2014 Open Season Awards for Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction, respectively. Interview with Julie Bruck, 2014 Far Horizons Poetry Contest judge. Details on upcoming contests, including Far Horizons, and Les poésies francophones du Canada: A Translation Prize.

Issue 185

February 2014 Special WordsThaw 2014 Promo edition. Interviews with WordsThaw participants Amy Reiswig, Aaron Shepard, and Madeline Sonik. Interview with Issue #185, Winter 2013 contributor Kate Cayley. WordsThaw in the news around Victoria, B.C. Open Season 2014 Award finalists announced.

Andrew Tibbetts

January 2014 Interviews with Issue #185, Winter 2013 contributors Nicholas Bradley and Simone Littledale, and with Andrew Tibbetts, the winner of our 2008 Novella Prize contest. WordsThaw 2014 website revealed, including information on symposium and prequel events. Upcoming Malahat contests.


Greg Hollingshead

December 2013 Interviews with a recent 2014 Novella Judges Ann Ireland, Pauline Holdstock, and Greg Hollingshead. Call for submission to At Home in Translation theme issue, and the one-time Québécois Poetry in Translation Prize. Interview with our 2013 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize winner, Liz Windhorst Harmer.

Issue 184

November 2013 Interviews with a recent Friend, Nancy Davies, and with Issue 184 contributors Matt Rader and Concetta Principe. MalaPod podcast with Matt Rader by Malahat volunteer Stephanie Harrington. Q&A with The Bookshelf, a bookstore in Guelph, Ontario. Reviews of books by Daphne Marlatt and Lisa Moore. Invites to submit to our upcoming Novella Contest, and our At Home in Translation Issue.

Laura Legge

October 2013 Interviews with Lisa Martin-Demoor, Carmelinda Scian and Susan Buis, winners of the 2013 Open Season Awards. Learn about Root Memory, an upcoming Malahat-sponsored panel at the 2013 Victoria Writers Festival. Read interviews with two Journey Prize-nominated contributors, Laura Legge and Naben Ruthnum.

Mark Abley

September 2013 Interviews with Jeffery Donaldson, Yasuko Thanh and Mark Abley, this year's judges for the 2014 Open Season Awards. Read a story and interview with issue #183 contributor Armand Garnet Ruffo. Listen to a MalaPods podcast with VWF panelist Maleea Acker. Read an interview with our 2013 Far Horizons Award winner Kerry-Lee Powell.

Issue 183

August 2013 Read a story and interview with Stephen Marche, a MalaPods podcast with Friend of The Malahat Brent Schaus, a draw for a $25 Russell Books gift certificate, information on a Malahat-sponsored panel at the Victoria Writers' Festival, and our 2014 Open Season Awards.

Carla Funk

July 2013 Interview with 2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize winner Carla Funk, A MalaPods podcast with issue #183 contributor Dorothy Field, a feature on Malahat-carrier Mac's Fireweed Books in Whitehorse, and info on our Summer Subscription Deal and 2013 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize.

John Vaillant

June 2013 Interviews with Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize judge John Vaillant, issue #182 contributor Anna Maxymiw, 2013 Long Poem Prize winners Kim Trainor and Claire Caldwell, and UVic 50th Anniversary Prize for Poetry winner Pamela Porter. Info on our Summer Subscription Deal and Congress 2013 events.

Issue 182

May 2013 Interviews with issue #182 contributor Cody Klippenstein, poetry board member Rhonda Batchelor, and Friend of The Malahat Wally du Temple. Info on our Congress 2013 events in June 2013.

Lorna Crozier

April 2013 Interviews with 2011 Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction winner Zoey Leigh Peterson, Issue #182 contributor Lorna Crozier, 2013 Founders' Award winners Kris Bertin and Matthew Tierney, and a feature on Malahat seller Words Worth Books.

Alissa York

March 2013 Info on our 1st-annual spring symposium WordsThaw 2013, interviews with the three winners of our 2013 Open Season Awards, interview with 2013 Far Horizons Award for Fiction judge Alissa York, interview with UVic 50th Anniversary Writing Contest in Fiction winner Laura Kraemer, and creative nonfiction and interview with 2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction prize winner, Carla Funk from issue #181, Winter 2012.

Issue 181

February 2013 Info on our 1st-annual spring symposium WordsThaw 2013, fiction and interview with Laura Legge from our Winter issue #181, Q&A with fiction board member Matthew Hooton, and a conversation with Friend of The Malahat Sheila Martindale.

Sandra Djwa

January 2013 Daryl Hine from our Winter issue #181, Sandra Djwa lecture, winter launch info, holiday subscription deals, summary of John Threlfall's "Writing the Arts," Galiano Island Books, and WordsThaw 2013!








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