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Issue 194

In many ways, the editorial board at Malahat poetry meetings is straightforward—we’re looking for the best poems we can find. That said, we feel pleased with ourselves when we find a great poem by a new poet we haven’t heard from before, or when there is a longer poem that deserves space, or when a poet sends a selection of poems and they are so good that we take them all. As it happens in this issue, several poets who are pillars of the CanLit establishment sent us a plenitude of good work. Four of Steven Heighton’s poems are here, including “The Waking Comes Late,” which would become the eponymous poem of his 2016 collection. Read more about Issue 194.

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The Malahat Review, founded in 1967, has a storied past, and it’s one we'd like to share with you. Following the success of our 50 Issues Project, in which we highlighted select back issues in honour of the University of Victoria's 50th anniversary in 2012, we have decided, through Our Back Pages, to continue casting our gaze back, chronologically, over our complete backlist…to include (eventually!) brief summaries of every issue not previously covered.

Every two weeks, Our Back Pages showcases an issue from our archive, providing on the Malahat's website, with brief but informative descriptions of the issue's contents, notable contributors, prizes won, and any other tidbits of information we might glean.

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