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Review space may be limited in our quarterly magazine, but we’re delighted to share this list of new books received. Be sure to check back frequently, since we will add titles as they arrive. Please note that inclusion on the list does not necessarily preclude a print review.

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Titles are listed alphabetically by author's last name.



Best Canadian Poetry 2021, edited by Souvankham Thammavongsa (Biblioasis)
Anderson, Fortner Considerations (Demotic Locutions Press)
Bachinger, Jacob Lee Earth-cool, and dirty (Radiant Press)
Boan, Selina Undoing Hours (Nightwood Editions)
Borin, Tara The Pit (Nightwood Editions)
Bowering, George Could Be (New Star Books)
Callanan, Andreae The Debt (Biblioasis)
Callanan, Mark Romantic (Biblioasis)
Carson, Edward whereabouts (McGill-Queens University Press)
Christie, Evie
Mere Extinction: Poems (ECW Press)
Christakos, Margaret Dear Birch, (Palimpsest Press)
Clark, Brooke Urbanities (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Collis, Stephen A History of the Theories of Rain (Talonbooks)
Cortese, Franco Lip (Penteract Press)
du Plessis, Klara Hell Light Flesh (Palimpsest Press)
Dunic, Leanne One and Half of You (Talonbooks)
Engert, Síle The Lost Time Accidents (Goose Lane Editions)
Estacion, Therese Phantompains (Book*hug Press)
Halfe, Louise B. awâsis — kinky and dishevelled (Brick Books)
Harvey Steski, Carol rump + flank (NeWest Press)
Hayes, Diana Gold in the Shadow: Twenty-Two Ghazals and a Cento for Phyllis Webb (Rainbow Publishers)
Heighton, Steven Selected Poems 1983-2020 (House of Anansi Press)
Holbrook, Susan
Ink Earl (Coach House Books)
Huebert, David Humanimus (Palimpsest Press)
Hunt, Dallas Creeland (Nightwood Editions)
Irie, Kevin Tantramar Re-Vision (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
J, Evan Ripping down half the trees (McGill-Queens University Press)
Jamali Rad, Anahita still (Talonbooks)
Janess, Danielle
Milk of Amnesia (McGill-Queens University Press)
Konchan, Virginia Hallelujah Time (Vehicule Press)
Krahn, Sarah-Jean A Girl Who Was His House (Gothic Funk Press)
Kumar, Reema Live Depiction: Poems of Current Times (BlueRose Publishers)
Lee, Jen Sookfong The Shadow List (Walsak and Wynn)
Liebich, Rayya
Min Hayati (Inanna)
Logan, Zachari A Natural History of Unnatural Things (Radiant Press)
Marlatt, Daphne
Then Now (Talonbooks)
Masutani, Matsuki I will be more myself in the next world (Mother Tongue Publishing)
Maceachern, Jessi A Number of Stunning Attacks (Invisible Publishing)
McDonald, John Kitotam: He Speaks To It (Radiant Press)
McIntire, Gabrielle Unbound (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
Morse, Garry Thomas Scofflaw (Anvil Press)
Namir, Hasan Umbilical Cord (Book*hug Press)
Necakov, Lillian il virus (Anvil Press)
Oloruntoba, Tolu
The Junta of Happiness (Palimpsest Press)
O’Meara, David Masses on Radar (Coach House Books)
Patel, Nisha Coconut (NeWest Press)
Page, P.K. (edited by Margaret Steffler) Metamorphosis (The Porcupine’s Quill Press)
Paull, Shauna blue gait (Mother Tongue)
Rhenisch, Harold
Landings: Poems from Iceland (Burton House Books)
Rubin, Talya Iceland is Melting and So Are You (Book*hug Press)
Sarojini Saklikar, Renée
Bramah and the Beggar Boy (Harbour Publishing)
Scheier, Jacob Is This Scary? (ECW Press)
Schönmaier, Eleonore Field Guide to the Lost Flower of Crete (McGill-Queens University Press)
Shields, Vanessa Thimbles (Palimpsest Press)
Sinaee, Bardia Intruder (House of Anansi Press)
Svoboda, Terese Theatrix: Poetry Plays (Anhinga Press)
Taylor, Rob
Strangers (Biblioasis)
Thompson, Linda K. Black Bears in the Carrot Field (Mother Tongue Publishing)
Tucker, Aaron
Catalogue d’oiseaux (Book*hug Press)
Valiani, Salimah 29 leads to love (Inanna Press)
Wynand, Derk (ed. John Barton) The Essential Derk Wynand (The Porcupine’s Quill)
Yin, Anna Mirrors and Windows (Guernica Editions)
Young, Terence Smithereens (Harbour Publishing)



Us, Now: Stories from the Quilted Collective, edited by Lisa Moore (Breakwater Books)
Food Of My People, edited by Candas Jane Dorsey and Ursula Pflug (Exile Editions)
Aligizakis, Manolis Swamped (Libros Libertad)
Bauer, William (ed. Brian Bartlett) Bright with Invisible History: A William Bauer Reader (Chapel Street Editions)
Bell, Meghan Erase and Rewind (Book*hug Press)
Benvie, Rob Bleeding Light (Invisible Publishing)
Bergen, David Out of Mind (Goose Lane Editions)
Berkhout, Nina Why Birds Sing (ECW Press)
Berry, Michelle Everything Turns Away (Wolsak and Wynn)
Betasamosake Simpson, Leanne Noopiming: The Cure for White Ladies (House of Anansi Press)
Burnham, Clint White Lie (Anvil Press)
Carson, Louise The Cat Possessed (Signature Editions)
Cayley, Kate
Householders (Biblioasis)
Cohen, Joy 37 (Guernica Editions)
Conlin, Christy Ann The Speed of Mercy (House of Anansi Press)
Culley, Joanne Claudette on the Keys (Crossfield Publishing)
de Kerangal, Maylis (translated by Jessica Moore) Painting Time (Talonbooks)
Diaczuk, Doug Just Like a Real Person (Anvil Press)
Dobozy, Tamas Ghost Geographies (New Star Books)
Fraser, Keath Charity (Biblioasis)
Fraser, Keath Damages: Selected Stories 1982-2012 (Biblioasis)
Follett, Beth Instructor (Breakwater Books)
Gereaux, Tara Saltus (Nightwood Editions)
Goto, Hiromi & Xu, Ann Shadow Life (First Second)
Hasan Manto, Saadat The Dog of Tithwal (Archipelago Books)
Healey, Barry
Love Songs of the Apocalypse (self-published)
Henighan, Stephen The World of After (Cormorant Books)
Hofmann, Karen A Brief View from the Coastal Suite (Newest Press)
Holowack, Kevin Light on a Part of the Field (NeWest Press)
Huser, Glen Burning the Night (NeWest Press)
Jones, Llewellyn Mark
Tales from Eutopia: Thirteen Short Stories (Archway Publishing)
Langhorst, Barbara The Winter-Blooming Tree (Palimpsest Press)
Lemay, Shawna Everything Affects Everyone (Palimpsest Press)
Lynch, Gerald The Dying Detective (Signature Editions)
Madott, Darlene Dying Times (Exile Editions)
McMillan, Amber The Running Trees (Goose Lane Editions)
Mintz, Sarah handwringers (Radiant Press)
Morin, Alexie (translated by Aimee Wall) Open Your Heart (Véhicule Press)
Nayebzadah, Rahela Monster Child (Wolsak & Wynn)
Neil, Danial, Dominion of Mercy (NeWest Press)
Perreault, Annie
The Woman in Valencia (QC Fiction)
Quednau, Marion Sunday Drive to Gun Club Road (Nightwood Editions)
Ranada, Leah The Cine Star Salon (NeWest Press)
Roberts, Kevin Wiffenpuffs (Pilot Hill Press)
Robertson, Patricia Hour of the Crab (Goose Lane Editions)
Rooke, Leon The House on Major Street (Porcupine’s Quill)
Rose, Rachel The Octopus Has Three Hearts (Douglas & McIntyre)
Ruddock, Nicholas Last Hummingbird West of Chile (Breakwater Books)
Schott, Philipp The Willow Wren (ECW Press)
Soles, Caro Dancing with Chairs in the Music House (Inanna Publications)
Stenson, Bill Half Brothers and Other Stories (Mother Tongue Publishing)
Teigland, Brandon W. Under a Collapsing Sky (AOS Publishing)
Walker, Katherine All is Well (Thistledown Press)
Wall, Aimee
We, Jane (Book*hug Press)
Warner Brooman, Sydney The Pump (Invisible Publishing)
Wigmore, Gillian
Night Watch: The Vet Suite (Invisible Publishing)
Zdybel, Katie Equipoise (Exile Editions)
Zuliani, Andy Last Tide (NeWest Press)

Creative Nonfiction:


Burke, Kelley Jo Wreck: a very anxious memoir (Radiant Press)
Dolzani, Michael Productions of Time: A Study of the Human Imagination (McGill-Queen's University Press)
Donaldson, Jesse Fool’s Gold: The Life and Legacy of Vancouver’s Official Town Fool (Anvil Press)
Farrant, M.A.C. One Good Thing (Talonbooks)
Forbes, Andrew
The Only Way is the Steady Way (Invisible Publishing)
Hird, Myra J.
Canada’s Waste Flows (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
Hobsbawn-Smith, dee Bread & Water (University of Regina Press)
Humphreys, Helen Field Study: Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium (ECW Press)
Jergović, Miljenko (translated by Russell Scott Valentino) Kin (Archipelago Books)
McCartney, Sharon Villa Negativa: A Memoir in Verse (Biblioasis)
Olding, Susan Big Reader (Freehand Books)
Pepper, Kaija Falling Into Flight: A Memoir of Life and Dance (Signature Editions)
Taylor, Craig New Yorkers: A City and Its People in Our Time (W.W. Norton Company)
Uhart, Hebe (translated by Robert Croll) Animals (Archipelago Books)
Zwarenstein, Carlyn On Opium (Goose Lane Editions)