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Review space may be limited in our quarterly magazine, but we’re delighted to share this list of new books received. Be sure to check back frequently, since we will add titles as they arrive. Please note that inclusion on the list does not necessarily preclude a print review.

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Titles are listed alphabetically by author's last name.


Armstrong, Tammy Year of the Metal Rabbit (Gaspereau Press)
Arthur, James The Suicide’s Son (Vehicule Press)
Banks, Chris Midlife Action Figure (ECW Press)
Barclay, Adèle Renaissance Normcore (Nightwood Editions)
Barger, John Wall The Mean Game (Palimpsest Press)
Barnes, Mike Braille Rainbow (Biblioasis)
Bassnett, Madeline Under the Gamma Camera (Gaspereau Press)
Béchard, Dominique One Dog Town (Gaspereau Press)
Beissel, Henry Footprints of Dark Energy (Guernica Editions)
Bird, Lindsay Boom Time (Gaspereau Press)
Blanchard, Cassandra Fresh Pack of Smokes (Nightwood Editions)
Blodgett, E. D. Apostrophes VIII: Nothing Is But You and I (University of Alberta Press)
Blythe, Ali Hymnswitch (Goose Lane Editions)
Bowering, Marilyn What is Long Past Occurs in Full Light (Mother Tongue)
Bowling, Tim The Dark Set (Wolsak and Wynn)
Bragg, Mary Lee The Landscape That Isn’t There (Aeolus House)
Briesmaster, Allan The Long Bond (Guernica Editions)
Camia, Shirley Mercy (Turnstone Press)
Caple, Natalee Love in the Chthulucene (Chthulucene) (James Street North Books)
Carson, Edward Look Here Look Away Look Again (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
Carter, Lauren Following Sea (Turnstone Press)
Christensen, Peter Oona River Poems (Thistledown Press)
Cole, Stewart Soft Power (Goose Lane Editions)
Cookshaw, Marlene Mowing (Brick Books, 2019)
Crawford, Lucas Belated Bris of the Brainsick (Nightwood Editions)
Croll, Su Cold Metal Stairs (Turnstone Press)
Crozier, Lorna, photography by Coffman, Peter & Laundy, Diane The House the Spirit Builds (Douglas & McIntyre)
Dachsel, Marita There Are Not Enough Sad Songs (University of Alberta Press)
Dandurand, Joseph A. SH:LAM (The Doctor) (Mawenzi House)
De Leeuw, Sarah Outside, America (Nightwood Editions)
Deahl, James Travelling the Lost Highway (Guernica Editions)
Del Bucchia, Dina It’s a Big Deal! (Talonbooks)
Drobnies, Adrienne Salt and Ashes (Signature Editions)
Dueck, Nathan A Very Special Episode (Wolsak & Wynn)
Fahner, Kim These Wings (Pedlar Press)
Farr, Roger I Am a City Still But Soon I Shan't Be (New Star Books)
Filip, Raymond Rivers Applaud Forever (Guernica Editions)
Fong, Nicole Raziya Perfact: poems (Talonbooks)
Fretwell, Katarina Vaughan We Are Malala (Inanna Publications)
Gilbert, Kerry Little Red (Mother Tongue)
Glickman, Susan What We Carry (Vehicule Press)
Gruber, Adrienne Q & A (Book*hug Press)
Gwathmey, Matthew Our Latest in Folktales (Brick Books)
Harrison, Richard 25: Hockey Poems, New & Revised (Wolsak & Wynn)
Hayes, Diana Labyrinth of Green (Plumleaf Press)
Henderson, Brian Unidentified Poetic Object (Brick Books)
Houle, Jennifer Virga (Signature Editions)
Houle, Karen The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology (Gaspereau Press)
Hunter, Catherine St. Boniface Elegies (Signature Editions)
Hutchman, Laurence The House of Shifting Time (Black Moss Press)
Hynes, Maureen Sotto Voce (Brick Books)
Islam, Doyali heft (Penguin Random House)
Janisse-Barlow, Melanie Thicket (Palimpsest Press)
Kellough, Kaie Magnetic Equator (Penguin Random House)
Kelly, Claire One Thing—Then Another (ECW Press)
Kidd, Monica Chance Encounters with Wild Animals (Gaspereau Press)
Kolacz, Eva Whatever We Are (Hidden Brook Press)
Laba, Mark The Inflatable Life (Anvil Press)
L’Abbé. Sonnet Sonnet’s Shakespeare (McCelland & Stewart)
Lane, M. Travis A Tent, A Lantern, An Empty Bowl (Palimpsest Press)
Lent, John A Matins Flywheel (Thistledown Press)
Leslie, Alex Vancouver for Beginners (Book*hug Press)
Lisson, Paul The Perfect Archive (Guernica Editions)
Locke Hart, Jonathan Unforgetting Private Charles Smith (Athabasca University Press)
Lockhart, D. A. Devil in the Woods (Brick Books)
Longman, Madelaine Caritas The Danger Model (McGill-Queen's University Press)
Lundy, Randy Field Notes for the Self (University of Regina Press)
MacDonald, Tanis Mobile (Book*hug Press)
Maracle, Lee & Bobb, Columpa & Carter, Tania Hope Matters (Book*hug Press)
Martin, Linda The Colour of Clouds (Inanna Press)
Martonfi, Ilona Salt Bride (Inanna Press)
Matuk, Nyla (editor) & various contributors Resisting Canada (Véhicule Press)
Matwichuk, Laura Near Miss (Nightwood Editions)
Mayoff, Stephen Swinging Between Water and Stone (Guernica Editions)
McCarney, Sadie Live Ones (University of Regina Press)
McCutcheon, Mark A. Shape Your Eyes by Shutting Them (Athabasca University Press)
McFadzean, Cassidy Drolleries (Penguin Random House)
Meyer, Bruce McLuhan’s Canary (Guernica Editions)
Midgley, Peter Let Us Not Think of Them as Barbarians (NeWest Press)
Millar, Jay I Could Have Pretended To Be Better Than You (Anvil Press)
Nacarrato, Alessandra Re-Origin of Species (Book*hug Press)
Namir, Hasan War Torn (Book*hug Press)
Neilson, Shane New Brunswick (Biblioasis)
Nolan, Scott Moon Was a Feather (J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc.)
Norman, Chad Squall: Poems in the Voice of Mary Shelley (Guernica Editions)
O’Grady, Thomas Delivering the News (McGill-Queen’s University Press)
Pass, John This Was the River (Harbour Publishing)
Pearson, Miranda Rail (McGill-Queen's University Press)
Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi Tonguebreaker (Arsenal Pulp Press)
Pilling, Marilyn Gear The Gods of East Wawanosh (Cormorant Books)
Pirani, Ayaz Kabir’s Jacket Has a Thousand Pockets (Mawenzi House)
Porter, Michelle Inquiries (Breakwater Books)
Rader, Matt Visual Inspection (Nightwood Editions)
Reibetanz, John By Hand (Brick Books)
Reimer, Nikki My Heart Is a Rose Manhattan (Talonbooks)
Ross, Elizabeth After Birth (Palimpsest Press)
Ross, Stuart Motel of the Opposable Thumbs (Anvil Press)
Ruffo, Armand Garnet Treaty # (Buckrider Books)
Sanger, Peter Odysseus Asleep: Uncollected Sequences, 1994-2019 (Gaspereau Press)
Sorbie, Anne Falling Backwards Into Mirrors (Inanna Press)
Surani, Moez Are the Rivers in Your Poems Real (Book*hug Press)
Taylor, Rob (guest editor) & various contributors Best Canadian Poetry 2019 (Biblioasis)
Teleky, Richard The Hermit Says Goodbye (Exile Editions)
Thammavongsa, Souvankham cluster (Penguin Random House)
Turner, Jacqueline Flourish (ECW Press)
Twist, Arielle Disintegrate/Dissociate (Arsenal Pulp Press)
Vallières, William Versus (Véhicule Press)
Victor, Ken We Were Like Everyone Else (Cormorant Books)
Vincent, John Emil Ganymede's Dog (McGill-Queen's University Press)
Vulpe, Nicola Insult to the Brain (Guernica Editions)
Walbourne-Gough, Douglas Crow Gulch (Goose Lane Editions)
Walsh, Matthew These are not the potatoes of my youth (Goose Lane Editions)
Webb-Campbell, Shannon I am a Body of Land (Book*hug)
White, David Local Haunts (Pedlar Press)
Wiseman, Adele, edited by Greene, Elizabeth The Dowager Empress: Poems of Adele Wiseman (Inanna Press)
Woo, Elaine Put Your Hand In Mine (Signature Editions)
Zolf, Rachel, selected by Milne, Heather Social Poesis: The Poetry of Rachel Zolf (Wilfrid Laurier University Press)

Abel, Jordan NISHGA (McClelland & Stewart)
Bartel, Tanja Everyone at This Party (Goose Lane Editions)
Bickersteth, Bertrand
The Response of Weeds: Poems (NeWest Press) 
Christakos, Margaret
Charger (Talonbooks)
Clayton, Conyer We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite (Guernica Editions)
Dennis, Michael Low Centre of Gravity (Anvil Press)
di Saverio, Marc Crito Di Volta: An Epic (Guernica Editions)
Dubé, Peter The Headless Man (Anvil Press)
Elza, Daniela The Broken Boat (Mother Tongue)
Eng, Mercedes my yt mama (Talonbooks)
Ens, Sarah The World is Mostly Sky (Turnstone Press)
Henderson, Mathew Roguelike (Anansi)
Hoogland, Cornelia, with sculptures by Goodden, Ted Cosmic Bowling (Guernica Editions)
Hosein, Jennifer A Map of Rain Days (Guernica Editions)
Hunt, Ken The Manhattan Project (University of Calgary Press)
Hutchinson, Chris In the Vicinity of Riches (Goose Lane Editions)
Laiwan TENDER (Talonbooks)
Lau, Evelyn Pineapple Express (Anvil Press)
Lee, Nancy What Hurts Going Down (McClelland & Stewart)
Lilley, Joanna Endlings (Turnstone Press)
Loveys, Grant Miscreations (ECW Press)
Lubrin, Canisia The Dyzgraphxst (McClelland & Stewart) 
McRae, Laura K. Were There Gazelle (Pedlar Press)
Moritz, A.F. As Far as You Know (Anansi)
Naga, Noor Washes, Prays (McClelland & Stewart)
Owen, Catherine Riven (ECW Press)
Paré, Arleen Earle Street (Talonbooks) 
Prior, Michael Burning Province (McClelland & Stewart)
Quartermain, Meredith Lullabies in the Real World: Poems (NeWest Press)
Regehr, Kyeren Cult Life (Pedlar Press)
Rice, Bruce The Vivian Poems: Street Photographer Vivian Maier (Radiant Press)
Robertson, Ray The Old Man in the Mirror Isn't Me: Last Call Haiku (Exile Editions)
Sibum, Norm Gardens of the Interregnum (Biblioasis)
Spenst, Kevin Hearts Amok: A Memoir in Verse (Anvil Press)
Stintzi, John Elizabeth Junebat (Anansi)
Waddle, Jason Awake in Dreams, Sleeping Death Away (Austin Macauley Publishers)
Warrior, M.C. Disappearing Minglewood Blues (Mother Tongue)
Wolff, Elana Swoon (Guernica Editions)


Adderson, Caroline (editor) & various contributors Best Canadian Stories 2019 (Biblioasis)
Adler, Nathan Niigan Noodin & Smith, Christine Miskonoodinkwe Bawaajigan: Stories of Power (Exile Editions)
Amabile, George Operation Stealth Seed (Signature Editions)
Boyarsky, Abraham Through Shadows Slow (8th House)
Brooks, Brenda Honey (ECW)
Brousseau, Simon Synapses (Talonbooks)
Cameron, Kat The Eater of Dreams (Thistledown)
Carson, Louise The Cat Between (Signature Editions)
Carter, Lauren This Has Nothing to Do With You (Freehand Books)
Clarke, Ruth What Goes Around (Inanna)
Compton, A. S. A Grandmother Named Love (Inanna)
Croft, Corey The Furies (Fly Pelican Press)
Cullity, Jocelyn The Envy of Paradise (Inanna)
Curtis, Sky Traps: A Robin MacFarland Mystery (Inanna)
de Nikolits, Lisa The Occut Persuasion and the Anarchist's Solution (Inanna)
Dueck, Dora All That Belongs (Turnstone)
Fagan, Carey  The Student (Freehand)
Farkas, Endre Home Game (Signature Editions)
Farrant, M. A. C. The Great Happiness: Stories and Comics (Talonbooks)
Foulds, Adam Dream Sequence (Biblioasis)
Harvey, Stella Leventoyannis Finding Callidora (Signature Editions)
Hofmann, Karen Echolocation (NeWest Press)
Holdstock, Pauline Here I Am! (Biblioasis)
Homel, David The Teardown (Vehicule Press)
Huynh, Philip The Forbidden Purple City (Goose Lane Editions)
Jacobs, Heidi L. M. Molly of the Mall (NeWest Press)
Kaeser, Michelle The Towers of Babylon (Freehand Books)
Kelly, Kate A Harsh and Private Beauty (Inanna)
Kenyon, Michael Travellers May Still Return: Stories (Thistledown)
Laidlaw, Alexander Dead Flowers (Nightwood Editions)
Larue, Stéphane (translated by Pablo Strauss) The Dishwasher (Biblioasis)
Levine, Elise This Wicked Tongue (Biblioasis)
Maharaj, Rabindranath Fatboy Fall Down (ECW Press)
Major, Kevin Land Beyond the Sea (Breakwater)
Marston, Missy Bad Ideas (ECW Press)
McCaig, JoAnn An Honest Woman (Thistledown)
McConvey, J. R. Different Beasts (Goose Lane Editions)
Mehlmann, Gloria Adam’s Tree (Radiant Press)
Meyer, Vivian Road Warrior (Inanna)
Michelle, Ceilidh Butterflies, Zebras, Moonbeams (Palimpsest Press)
Morgan-Cole, Trudy J. A Roll of the Bones (Breakwater Books)
Ottoni, Christine Cracker Jacks for Misfits (Exile Editions)
Paterson, Mark Dreamers and Misfits of Montclair (Exile Editions)
Paul, Julie Meteorites (Brindle and Glass)
Pearson, Ann A Promise on the Horizon (Granville Island)
Quennec, Linda Fishing for Birds (Inanna)
Rogers, Linda, art by Cook, Rande Yo! Wiksas? / Hi! How Are You?: An Illustrated Conversation with the Invisible Girl Siri (Exile Editions)
Roorda, Julie How to Tell if Your Frog is Dead (Guernica Editions)
Saikaley, Sonia The Allspice Bath (Inanna)
Santur, Hassan Ghedi The Youth of God (Mawanzi House)
Serravalle, Dean Where I Fall (Inanna)
Smith, Alisa Doublespeak (Douglas & McIntyre)
Stonehouse, Cathy The Causes (Pedlar Press)
Strutt, Lesley On the Edge (Inanna)
Taylor, Susie Even Weirder Than Before (Breakwater)
Turner, Ryan Half-Sisters & Other Stories (Gaspereau Press)
Van Camp, Richard Moccasin Square Gardens (Douglas & McIntyre)
Van Norman, Brian Against the Machine: Luddites (Guernica)
Vanderbilt, Gloria (editor) & various contributors Carter V. Cooper: Short Fiction Anthology Series Book Eight (Exile Editions)
Vryenhoek, Leslie We All Will Be Received (Breakwater Books)
Wagamese, Richard One Drum: Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet (Douglas & McIntyre)
Warner, Patrick My Camino (Biblioasis)
Weiss, Allan Telescope (Guernica Editions)
Wilson, Martha Nosy White Woman (Biblioasis)
Wu, Hua Laura & Xu, Xueqing & Davies, Corinne Bieman Toward the North: Stories by Chinese Canadian Writers (Inanna)
Yalfani, Mehri A Palace in Paradise (Inanna)

Amun: A Gathering of Indigenous Stories ed. Michel Jean, trans. Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo (Exile Editions)
Béchard, Deni Ellis A Song from Faraway (Goose Lane)
Begamudré, Ven The Teller from the Tale (Radiant Press)
Canning, Bridget Some People's Children (Breakwater Books)
D'Izzia, Guglielmo The Transaction (Guernica Editions)
Enfield, Tyler Like Rum-Drunk Angels (Goose Lane)  
Fortier, Jean-Michel (trans. Katherine Hastings) The Electric Baths (QC Fiction)
Hahnel, Lori Vermin (Great Plains Publications)
Lavigne, C.J. In Veritas (NeWest Press)
Lax, Sharon Shattered Fossils (Guernica Editions)
Levy, Jerry The Quantum Theory of Love and Madness (Guernica Editions)  
Mootoo, Shani Polar Vortex (Book*hug, 2020)  
Morse, Garry Thomas
Yams do not exist (Turnstone Press)
Murray, Morgan Dirty Birds (Breakwater Books)
Rogal, Stan The Comic (Guernica Editions)
Skuce, Traci Hunger Moon (NeWest Press)
Tremblay, Michel (trans. Linda Gaboriau) Rite of Passage (Talonbooks)
Wicks, Heidi Melt (Breakwater Books)

Creative Nonfiction:

Agnew, Marion
Reverberations: A Daughter's Meditations on Alzheimers (Signature Editions)
Al Ethari, Lamees Waiting for the Rain: An Iraqi Memoir (Mawenzi House)
Azarov, Vladimir Three Books: Winter In the Country / On "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" / An Atomic Cake (Exile Editions)
Baillie, Christina & Baillie, Martha Sister Language (Pedlar Press)
Barton, John We Are Not Avatars: Essays, Memoirs, Manifestos (Palimpsest Press)
Bowering, George Writing and Reading (New Star Books)
Candow, James E. The Invisibles: A History of the Royal Newfoundland Companies (Breakwater Books)
Chan, Aaron This City is a Minefield (Signal 8 Press)
Cronin, Ray John Greer: Hard Thought (Gaspereau)
Donaldson, Emily (editor) & various contributors Best Canadian Essays 2019 (Biblioasis)
Dragland, Stan The Difficult (Pedlar Press)
Camlot, Jason & McLeod, Katherine (editors) & various contributors CanLit Across Media: Unarching the Literary Event (McGill-Queen's University Press)
Funk, Carla Every Little Scrap and Wonder: A Small-Town Childhood (Greystone)
Glasser Langille, Carole Doing Time: Writing Workshops in Prison (Pottersfield, 2019)
Gordon, Ariel Treed: Walking in Canada’s Urban Forests (Wolsak & Wynn)
Harvey, Brian Sea Trial: Sailing After My Father (ECW Press)
Hickey, Gemma Almost Feral (Breakwater Books)
Jessup, Heather This is Not a Hoax (Wilfrid Laurier University Press)
MacKinnon, David J. A Voluntary Crucifixion (Guernica Editions)
Manuel, Vera, edited by Coupal, Michelle et al. Honouring the Strength of Indian Women (University of Manitoba Press)
Meshake, Rene, edited by Anderson, Kim Injichaag: My Soul in Story: Anishinaabe Poetics in Art and Words (University of Manitoba Press)
Mitchell, Michael Final Fire: A Memoir (ECW Press)
Morrissey, Stephen A Poet's Journey: on poetry and what it means to be a poet
Neilson, Shane Constructive Negativity: Prize Culture, Evaluation, and Dis/ability in Canadian Poetry (Palimpsest Press)
Neilson, Shane Margin of Interest: Essays on English Language Poetry of the Maritimes (Porcupine's Quill)
Penashue, Elizabeth Tshaukuesh, edited by Yeoman, Elizabeth I Keep the Land Alive (University of Manitoba Press)
Rosenfarb, Chava, edited by Goldie Morgentaler Confessions of a Yiddish Writer and Other Essays (McGill-Queens U. Press)
Savage, Candace Strangers in the House: A Prairie Story of Bigotry and Belonging (Greystone)
Simmers, Bren, illustrations by FitzGerald, Emma Pivot Point (Gaspereau)
Sobelman, David Facets of Eros: The Drawings of Claire Wilks (Exile Editions)
Steffler, John Forty-One Pages: On Poetry, Language and Wilderness (University of Regina Press)
Various contributors Love of the Salish Sea Islands: New Essays, Memoirs and Poems by 40 Island Writers (Mother Tongue)
Wong, Edwin The Risk Theatre Model of Tragedy: Gambling, Drama, and the Unexpected (FriesenPress)
Yung, Brad Lessons I’m Going To Teach My Kids Too Late (Three Ocean Press)
Zwicky, Jan The Experience of Meaning (McGill-Queen’s University Press)

Allen, Barney (ed. Gregory Betts) They Have Bodies (U of Ottawa Press)
LeBlanc, Tyler Acadian Driftwood (Goose Lane Editions)
Mitchell, Roy (ed. Scott K. Duchesne) Creative Theatre (U of Ottawa Press)
Skibsrud, Johanna The Poetic Imperative: A Speculative Aesthetics (McGill-Queen's Press)
Staines, David (editor) Robert Kroetsch: Essayist, Novelist, Poet (U of Ottawa Press)
Struthers, J.R. (editor) Alice Munro Country: Essays on Her Works I (Guernica Editions)
Struthers, J.R. (editor) Alice Munro Everlasting: Essays on Her Works II (Guernica Editions)