No. 198 Spring 2017


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2017 Open Season Awards

  • Heather Cadsby, "Dada"
  • Susan Gillis, "Forgive Me, I Thought It Was Just Wind in the Marsh Reeds"
  • Susan Haldane, "Learning to Float"
  • Hannah Green, "At the Holiday Inn," "Take Me to Yellowknife"
  • Rose Hunter, "Puffins"
  • Eve Joseph, "A Jewish giant at home with his parents, in the Bronx, N.Y., 1970," "Five members of the Monster Fan Club, N.Y.C., 1961," "Child with a toy hand grenade in Central Park, N.Y.C.," "Kid in a hooded jacket aiming a gun, N.Y.C., 1957"
  • Curtis LeBlanc, "Cribbage," "Milk Separator"
  • Christopher Levenson, "At the Dentist's"
  • Paddy McCallum, "The Gift of Metaphor," "Dogs"
  • Shane Neilson, "Two-Sided Map"
  • Sina Queyras, "The Applicant," "Stings"
  • Natalie Rice, "Whorl"
  • Julie Roorda, "Cat's Eye"
  • Bren Simmers, "If Spring"
  • Emily Skov-Nielsen, "Volta"
  • Tom Wayman, "Leaflets"
  • Deanna Young, "Like Bees"
  • Bill Gaston, "Levitation"
  • Mehdi M. Kashani, "Dayi"
  • Jason Markowsky, "The Fourth Cup"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Joshua Levy, "My Brother's Engagement"
  • Christine Lowther, "Not a Lake"
  • LaToya Watkins, "A Life"
  • Poetry

  • Deirdre Dwyer, The Blomidon Logs (Toronto: ECW, 2016)
    Jordan Mounteer, liminal (Winlaw: Sono Nis, 2016) (Both reviewed by Jacob McArthur Mooney)

  • Brent MacLaine, Prometheus Reconsiders Fire (Charlottetown: Acorn, 2016) (Reviewed by Dean Steadman

  • Susan Holbrook, Throaty Wipes (Toronto: Coach House, 2016) (Reviewed by Jessica Michalofsky)

  • Fiction   

  • Drew Hayden Taylor, Take Us to Your Chief and Other Stories (Madeira Park: Douglas & McIntyre, 2016) (Reviewed by Nora Decter)

  • Kerry-Lee Powell, Willem de Kooning's Paintbrush (Toronto: Harper Avenue, 2016) (Reviewed by Trevor Corkum)

  • Nonfiction

  • Trevor Herriot, Towards a Prairie Atonement (Regina: University of Regina, 2016) (Reviewed by Maureen Scott Harris)

  • Harold R. Johnson. Firewater: How Alcohol is Killing My People (and Yours) (Regina: University of Regina, 2016) (Reviewed by Madelaine Metallic)

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Contributor Notes
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