No. 221 Winter 2022

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Issue 221 cover art by Bracken Hanuse Corlett


Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize

  • Andréa Ledding, "Define Intervention"
  • Ashleigh A. Allen, "We all have moments"
  • Patrick Grace, "The Calling," "fullblown," and "soft stalker"
  • Catherine St. Denis, "Five Years after Joe Overdosed on Fentanyl" and "A Mnemonic for Desire"
  • Laura Carter, "How (a) Word Feels" and "After (the) great sex begins"
  • Ashley Kunsa, "Purple Loosestrife"
  • Peter O'Donovan, "Spiral"
  • Ana Pedraja, "Suburban School"
    translated by Travis Price and Leroy Gutiérrez
  • Khashayar "Kess" Mohammadi, "psychotic notebook 9" and "psychotic notebook 20"
  • Bradley Peters, "Postcards from Inside the Machine"
  • Owen Torrey, "CV"
  • Steve McOrmond, "Bungalows," "Balcony," and "Construction Workers"
  • Elizabeth Bachinsky, "Paperclip" and "The Tayberry"
  • Y. S. Lee, "Kueh Bangket"
  • Danielle Hubbard, "Minus twenty"
  • Richard Downing, "The Church of the Blood of the Whitest Lamb"
  • Joanne John, "Tasting Colour"
  • Oscar Martens, "Mach 22"
  • Corinne Stikeman, "When It Began"
  • Anita Harag, "The Dog Pees on the Rug"
    translated by Walter Burgess and Marietta Morry
  • Barbara Tran, "Le Loup et le Chien"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Emily McKibbon, "Light and Shadow: One Painting, Two Lives"
  • Byron Armstrong, "Seat at the Table"
  • Poetry

  • Anneharte, Miskwagoode
    (Vancouver: New Star, 2022)
    (Reviewed by Shannon Webb-Campbell)

    Gillian Jerome, Nevertheless: Walking Poems
    (Gibsons: Nightwood, 2022)
    (Reviewed by Michael Kenyon)

    Beth Goobie, Lookin' for Joy
    (Holstein, ON: Exile Editions, 2022)
    (Reviewed by Laura Stephenson)


  • Dan K. Woo, Taobao
    (Hamilton: Wolsak and Wynn, 2022)
    (Reviewed by Susan Sanford Blades)

  • Douglas Coupland, Binge
    (Toronto: Random House, 2021)
    (Reviewed by Eli K. P. William)

  • Jocelyne Saucier, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep, translated by Rhonda Mullins
    (Toronto: Coach House, 2021)
    (Reviewed by Kate Kennedy)

  • Anne Lardeux, The Second Substance, translated by Pablo Strauss
    (Toronto: Coach House, 2022)
    (Reviewed by Marisa Grizenko)

  • Mentionables

  • Nicole Yunger Halpern, Quantum Steampunk
    (Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022)

    Ken Norris and Bruce Whiteman, Reading Wide and Deep: The Canadian Long Poem (A Conversation)
    (Peterborough: Poets & Painters Press, 2022)

    Maleea Acker, Hesitating Once to Feel Glory
    (Gibsons: Nightwood, 2022)

    Mark Anthony Jarman, Touch Anywhere to Begin
    (Fredericton: Goose Lane, 2022)

    River Halen, Dream Rooms
    (Toronto: Book*hug, 2022)

    (All reviewed by Book Reviews Editor Jay Ruzesky)

  • Bracken Hanuse Corlett, The Drop, 2022
    Digital drawing
  • Collection of the artist
Contributor Notes
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