2016 Open Season Award Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2016 Open Season Awards!

In Poetry:

Heidi Garnett, "Gdansk Redux"
Jordan Mounteer, "A Theory of Sparrow"
Matthew Hollett, "Halifax, Canada Day"
Elise Godfrey, "Tbilisi"
Susan Alexander, "Matryoshka, Nesting Doll"
Stevie Howell, "Mamet, Hunting"
Matthew Hohner, "Cord," "Famine Memorial, Dublin"
Marion Quednau, "Train Wrecks, Rare Fossils"
John Pass, "Dragonfly," "Margined Burying Beetle"
Jim Roberts, "Embedding a line of Pope"

In Fiction:

Robert James Hicks, "Separation"
Sheldon Seigel, "Express Train to Bathurst Village"
Katherine Magyarody, "Goldhawk"
Rhonda Collis, "Overjoyed"
Jasmina Odor, "Bless the Day"
John Ballantine, "Blank Stare, No Peach Fuzz"
Manjit Singh, "Buckets of Wonderment"

In Creative Nonfiction:

Kathryn Belicki, "A Letter to the Man Who Died Last Week"
Nicole Breit, "An Atmospheric Pressure"
Anne Marie Todkill, "Misgivings"
Meira Cook, "The Mezzanine Library"
Suzanne Nussey, "A Recent History of Fear in North America"
Leona Theis, "Varieties of Accident (a non-exhaustive list)"
Jennifer Williamson, "Light Year"

Thank you to all who entered the contest, and best of luck to the finalists!

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