Winter 2007 No. 157

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Cover of issue 159


  • Andrew Gray, Twentieth Century House
  • Michael Kenyon, That Time in Palm Springs
  • Anne Sanow, Rub al-Khali
  • Claire Battershill, Awake
  • William Bedford, Poem for Verlaine
  • Henry Biessel, January Up North
  • Margo Button, No Trade-Ins Allowed, Sky-Calling
  • Barry Dempster, River Rocks, Fix Me, The Gulls
  • Keith Garebian, The Death of Derek Jarman
  • Sue Goyette, A Lament for Wasting Time; My Darkness, My Cherry Tree
  • R. W. Gray, Outside the Cafe
  • Jason Heroux, Sunday in San Pietro Infine
  • Bill Howell, Big Stars, Off Halifax
  • Jeanette Lynes, Passes, Tart Box
  • Gordon Massman, 1190
  • Sue Sinclair, Vanity, Clearing, Drought, Days Without End, Surrender


  • Matt Rader, Miraculous Hours (Roberts Creek, B.C.: Nightwood, 2005). Paperbound, 80 pp., $16.95 (by Daniel Johnson)
  • Jan Conn, Jaguar Rain: The Margaret Mee Poems (London: Brick, 2006). Paperbound, 111 pp., $18. (by Harold Rhenish)
  • Phil Hallstrong, An Oak Hunch (London: Brick, 2005). Paperbound, 96 pp., $17 (by Eric Miller)
  • Steve Noyes, Ghost Country (London: Brick, 2006) Paperbound, 96 pp. $8 (by Ranon Uri)


  • Karen Connelly, The Lizard Cage (Toronto: Random House, 2005. Hardbound, 516 pp., $34.95. (by Warren Heiti)
  • Dede Crane, Sympathy (Vancouver: Raincoast, 2005) Paperbound, 348 pp., $24.95. (by Norma Lundberg)


  • Méira Cook, Writing Lovers: Reading Canadian Love Poetry by Women (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s, 2005). Hardcover, 258 pp., $75. (by Tanis MacDonald)
  • Robert Bringhurst, Wild Language (Nanaimo: Institute for Coastal Studies, 2006). Paperbound, 48 pp., $20. (by Mark Dickinson)
Cover art: James Gordaneer, Untitled 1953
Oil and acrylic, 50 cm x 59.5 cm
Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery
University of Victoria
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