Fall 2007 No. 160
A celebration of Robin Skelton

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New work by Robin Skelton:
  • Lady in Waiting (short fiction)
  • The Great Buddha: Kandy (poem)
  • from The Road to Kandy (memoir)
  • Michael Augustin, Wings to Fly
  • Doug Beardsley, Poetry
  • Sujata Bhatt, Six Entries from a Witch’s Diary
  • George Fetherling, The Shipwreck
  • Neile Graham, Egg and Sky Skye and Eigg
  • James Gurley, Backyard Pastoral
  • Diane Keating, On Being Unable to Write
  • Anne M. Kelly, Becoming Human
  • Lala Heine Koehn, The Ice Bird
  • Charles Lillard, No Book Abandoned
  • Susan Musgrave, Obituary of Light
  • Joe Rosenblatt, A Ghost Dog in Love
  • John Pass, Finally
  • Kerry Slavens, The Poet Misses a Party
  • Derk Wynand, from One Cook, Once Dreaming
  • Ludwig Zeller, The Elements
Memoirs with Poems:
  • Marion Beck, Rejections Are Not Necessarily Bad and Talismans for Remembrance
  • Margaret Blackwood, It’s What He Did and Not Far from Here
  • Marilyn Bowering, Symbolical Threads, Night Talk, and Advice for the twenty-first century
  • Tony Connor, A Collaboration in Cottonopolis and Death at the Vicarage
  • Theresa Kishkan, Wilder than art and stranger than music and Meet Me
  • Linda Rogers, Inconsonance and Bass Cadenza
  • David Day, A Memoir to A-Muse, BeMuse and the Muse
  • John Robert Colombo, Master Class
  • Alex Engler, A Wartime Boyhood
  • Howard Gerwing, Combing the Stacks
  • James Kirkup, At Leeds University
  • Naoko Matsubara, Not Ends But Beginnings
  • D. C. Reid, Thursdays
  • Ron Smith, Collage
  • Margaret Snow, Robin’s Way
  • Nicholas Bradley, The Whole Storm of Mortal Conflict: Robin Skelton and West Coast Literature
  • Rhonda Batchelor, Kindred Spirits: Robin Skelton and Charles Lillard
  • Yvonne Owens, Incantations and Craft: Robin Skelton’s Magical Artistry
  • Harold Rhenisch, An Outsider’s Perfect Academy
  • Caroline Riedel, The Hold of Our Hands: Art from the Robin and Sylvia Skelton Collection
  • Seán Virgo, the dark earth gentle
  • Christopher Wiseman, Ten Years Behind—Migrant Trajectories
  • Anita Lahey, “Final Words: Skelton’s Last Poems”
    Robin Skelton, Facing the Light (Victoria: Ekstasis, 2006). Paperbound, 119 pp., $19.95.
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