Summer 2012 No. 179

Publication Date: July 20, 2012

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Launch: Monday, September 17th. The Fernwood Inn, 1302 Gladstone Ave. Doors 7 p.m., Readings 7:30p.m. Eat, drink, and be literary! Evening begins with a student open mic, hosted by Benjamin Willems. Next will be Malahat readings by local authors Laura Trunkey, George Sipos, Dorothy Field, Danielle Janess, Patricia Young, and Terence Young.

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2012 Novella Prize

  • Dorothy Field, "Pontormo"
  • Ben Ladouceur, "590 Lisgar St.," "Pulitizer," and "Pollen"
  • David Martin, "Jacks," "Henry Kelsey," "Elephant Pools," and "Prospectus"
  • Shane Rhodes, from Found Land: "lakes and rivers," "body of text," "as may have been grunted," "file no. 1447," and "the instruments"
  • Peter Richardson, “Of Cordwood and Chrysanthemums Handled to the Strains of Bizet”
  • George Sipos, "Apostate"
  • Dan O'Brien, "The Poet Takes Flight," "The War Reporter Paul Watson Listense to the Translator's Story," and "The War Reporter Paul Watson and the Lady Pol"
  • Read an interview with Paul Watson and Dan O'Brien on our website.
  • Michelle Brown, "the house"
  • Catherine Graham, "Between His Finger & His Thumb," "Gold Carp," and "River Bed"
  • Robin Richardson, "The Love Story of S. Rose" and "If He Took Me"
  • Chantelle Rideout, "Coda: the cityscape, reflected in my water glass"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Lee Kofman, “The Rain”
  • Paul Watson, A village girl peers through a cordon of Afghan soldiers as Canadian troops search her family's walled compound, in Kandahar province's rural Panjwai district, for a suspected Taliban informant in the fall of 2010
  • Photograph
  • Collection of the artist
  • Read an interview with Paul Watson and Dan O'Brien on our website.


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